Does it really matter if you eat organic?

Does it really matter if you eat organic foods?  More and more we are seeing organic fruit and vegetables in our supermarkets, but these organic sections are usually dwarfed by all the other fruit and vegetables in the supermarket produce sections. Ever hear of organophosphates? They are the foundation of many pesticides and the EPA […]

Safe to play on?

Ever wonder if your children’s playground and sports field have been treated with possible dangerous pesticides?  Most of us know that some synthetic chemical pesticides can be especially harmful to children as well as teens. Maybe you have seen the numbers: almost half of the commonly used lawn fertilizers may cause cancer; many can cause […]

Got a doggie pal? Then we need your help!

If you are a dog owner, we need your help. Our streams and river have been tested and retested by FP Environmental Associates, the environmental group working with our town and with the Conservation Commission to find the sources of bacterial contamination in our streams and river. FP Environmental tests our waters when its dry […]

Well, that didn’t work…

      For years we thought that we didn’t have to buy organic veggies and fruit since all we had to do before we ate any fruit and veggies was to wash each in soapy water and perhaps peel those we could. Now researchers have shown that in many cases pesticides, many linked to cancer, persist […]

Collateral Damage

  Are we killing our pollinating bees and starving our birds? Most of us with lawns and gardens fertilize them when needed – in spring and sometimes in summer – and treat our lawns and gardens for whatever bugs and pests seem to be a problem. Here we have many summer residents who have lawn […]

Check before you flush!

When we lived in the country, our septic system was out of sight, out of mind.  We had moved from being on town sewer where we didn’t have to worry about septic systems to a place in the country with a septic tank that we discovered hadn’t been pumped in a while and a septic […]

Smoke gets in your eyes…

Wood fired fire pits have become increasingly common especially here among the cafes and restaurants trying to attract customers.  Most of these eateries are bunched together in areas where there are a lot of people. Smoke from these fire pits tends to gather and accumulate in those crowded areas, making it difficult for some to […]

Who knew…we’d be afraid to walk in the woods?

  Who knew? That after years growing up playing in the woods and later hiking mountain trails, we now would avoid the woods like the plague? Having grown up playing in the woods that bordered our country house, I never worried about the woods, its insects or animals and was lucky not to be allergic […]