What’s It All About?

What’s it all about?

It’s about wishing to live in a clean and healthy place. Doesn’t everyone?

It means banning using toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides on lawns and gardens.  We are a town with many motels; a number of these have lawns where kids play and adults stretch out enjoying the ocean and their summer freedom.


We are a small town where anything people put on their lawns and gardens eventually finds its way down to the sea. Thus, everyone’s home or business is, in a sense, a waterfront place.

How did we make our lawns safe and healthy?  How did we grow our gardens without toxic chemicals?

Beach Plum Farm

We are the first town in Maine to ban chemical pesticides on all land in town; the first in the nation to pass this ban by the voters.

How do we protect our popular barrier beach and ensure its cleanliness for beach goers?

How do we protect our fragile wetlands behind our beach?

How do we look at the wholeness of a Maine town through the year?

When I became chair of the Ogunquit Conservation Commission, I worked with a talented webmaster and we created a new website where I have been writing weekly blogs for some time.


So how am I looking at ‘organic’ here?

Organic means a harmonious relationship between the elements of a whole. How does everything work together to make a place healthy and safe for everyone?

Ogunquit Beach

How do you do that?

This is a blog about sharing ideas about how to make our environments safe for kids, grown ups, pets and with all we share our earth.

Bill Baker

About Bill Baker

Bill's interest in a clean place to live is rooted in growing up in the country – a cornfield across the road and fields, sandstone cliffs and hundreds of acres of woods where he spent many hours.