Collateral Damage

  Are we killing our pollinating bees and starving our birds? Most of us with lawns and gardens fertilize them when needed – in spring and sometimes in summer – and treat our lawns and gardens for whatever bugs and pests seem to be a problem. Here we have many summer residents who have lawn […]

Check before you flush!

When we lived in the country, our septic system was out of sight, out of mind.  We had moved from being on town sewer where we didn’t have to worry about septic systems to a place in the country with a septic tank that we discovered hadn’t been pumped in a while and a septic […]

Smoke gets in your eyes…

Wood fired fire pits have become increasingly common especially here among the cafes and restaurants trying to attract customers.  Most of these eateries are bunched together in areas where there are a lot of people. Smoke from these fire pits tends to gather and accumulate in those crowded areas, making it difficult for some to […]

Who knew…we’d be afraid to walk in the woods?

  Who knew? That after years growing up playing in the woods and later hiking mountain trails, we now would avoid the woods like the plague? Having grown up playing in the woods that bordered our country house, I never worried about the woods, its insects or animals and was lucky not to be allergic […]

Why not protect those you love?

If you knew that you could help protect you, your family and friends from life threatening health problems, would you? We acted to protect ourselves and our neighbors here in Ogunquit, voting to use only organic pesticides and fertilizers about three years ago. Since then several other Maine communities have followed suit. The question is […]

Help save our sand dunes!

You might wonder why Ogunquit and other shore towns with sand dunes discourage people and their dogs from climbing on, sliding down, and walking on our dunes. We have a barrier beach; our sand dunes protect our fragile wetlands and marsh from the ocean waves.  Our marsh is home to an ark of small fish, […]

How does your beach make out in this newest report?

Every two years, the Maine state geologists issue a report on the state of Maine beaches. Their latest report was published this month and shows how those Maine beaches participating in this program have added sand, lost sand or remained stable. Two beaches, Ogunquit Beach and Goose Rocks Beach scored best, adding sand and both […]