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Pesticides kill 200,000 annually – UN report

A recent United Nations study estimates that 200,000 people, mostly farmers in the developing world, die every year due to the excessive use of pesticides. These farmers, like many homeowners, have been charmed by the handful of chemical companies, some of which also ironically produce life saving medicines, that chemical pesticides are necessary to growing […]

Great gardening tips and advice and it’s free!

If you’re a gardener and haven’t seen the Maine Organic Farmer and Grower’s weekly bulletin, you may be missing out on a valuable resource. Their free weekly newsletter is full of advice, suggestions, meetings, and workshops where you can meet experienced gardeners and learn how to grow your garden organically without using harmful chemical pesticides. […]

Rid your property of the browntail moth now!

One of the great free resources we have here in Maine is the weekly bulletin of the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association (MOFGA). Especially important is one recent bulletin that contains advice about taking care of Browntail Moth right now while their eggs are still in those nasty webs found in oak trees and […]

Grow a healthier and tastier garden this year organically

Say you’re going to have an organic garden this year.  Are there ‘organic’ seeds and should you buy them? There are organic seeds and buying organic seedlings guarantees your seeds will not be treated with neonicotinoid pesticides. You might have heard of these chemical pesticides that are sucked in by the plants in their watering […]

Planning your garden? Why not go organic?

If you’re like the rest of us during these cold winter months, you are probably thinking about your spring and summer gardens, and you might even be thinking of doing something different this year. If you haven’t tried growing your veggies organically, this might be the year to do that. Why would you want to […]

Tired of snow? Your garden isn’t!

You’ve probably heard the old saying that snow is the poor man’s fertilizer. I know I have, and it seems obvious that if you have snow covering your garden, when it melts in the spring, your garden will have a slow and perhaps plentiful soaking, and won’t mostly run off like a good spring or […]

Squirrel proof?

Our attempt to outsmart the squirrels began when we decided to mount a feeder off our second floor deck, since our main living area is on the second floor.  We researched poles and found that most were not strong enough to support a bird feeder without bending in half. But we soon found the ‘Swing […]

Squirrel problem? No problem!

While my father was busy with his continuous struggle with squirrels captured in his Havahart trap, we had moved to the country in upstate New York, and soon erected an Absolute Squirrel Proof bird feeder. I am sure you have seen these feeders that have a hinged bird perch that shutters the bird feed when […]

My dad vs. the squirrels

My dad took on the squirrels as if they were they were the mortal villains of his life.  He kept track of the number of squirrels he trapped in his Havahart and ferried a mile or two away. He would write, ‘I captured numbers 45 and 46 this week,’ and I am sure he would […]

Wrestling with squirrels … part 1

Our wrestling with the squirrels is really a family affair. It all began when my folks moved from rural Connecticut to Maine 40 years ago. Back in Connecticut, one of our kitchen windows looked out over an old well, no longer used except in August to water the garden, since the word was that the […]