Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, Trenches – Beat the Puddle Park Lawn After the Rain

Have a lawn or yard that usually puddles up when it rains?  Here are a some easy solutions.


One is the simple, old fashioned rain barrel. We had one in back of the house I grew up in. A downspout from the gutter directed the rainwater into the barrel.

My mom was an avid gardener, but we had a dug well, and along about August or so, we began being pretty careful about our showers and use of water.

That’s when the rain barrel came in handy. I was given the job of toting watering cans of water from the rain barrel to my mom so she could water her flowers and veggies.

Or how abut a rain garden? Rain gardens are often somewhat sunken gardens created where storm water accumulates. Some rain gardens help direct the flow of water to a drain or to a larger area, such as ground cover, shrubbery, or trees.


Where we live, we had a teardown down hill from us, but when the new house was put up, the builder raised the property so we were now a little downhill from our downhill neighbor!

We soon had run off from their property and so their landscaper simply dug a small trench that caught most of that runoff from their lawn and allowed it to flow into their flower garden – a simple solution that cost just minutes of work. Of course it has to be maintained from time to time to time.

This is a simple version of a drainage swale – this big brother is a longer channel often with gravel or larger stones to help filter the run off.

Our house is perched on the edge of a slope, and that’s where our drainage goes. Between us and the next property at the bottom of the hill, we have trees, bushes and ground cover– perfect for catching storm water runoff.

Rain barrels, rain gardens, trenches, a drainage swale – lots of easy solutions to a lawn that is a puddle park after a rain.

Bill Baker

About Bill Baker

Bill's interest in a clean place to live is rooted in growing up in the country – a cornfield across the road and fields, sandstone cliffs and hundreds of acres of woods where he spent many hours.