Congratulations South Portland!

Congratulations South Portland! Have you heard? South Portland’s city council approved a first reading of a pesticide ordinance that has been debated for months by concerned South Portland citizens. Casco Bay water sampling has demonstrated that excess fertilizer and pesticide use is causing algae blooms that kill aquatic life and lead to potentially severe problems […]

The silent and itchy danger hiding in your garden

  Most of us are familiar with poison ivy and know to avoid its shiny three leaf plants and vines, but not everyone recognizes even poison ivy and knows the painful itching that can occur from contact with this plant, especially those who have never seen it. We have many visitors from Quebec here, and […]

Native Plants and Trees Are for the Birds!

Have you heard of Doug Tallamy?  He’s chair of the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware. He’s visiting Maine this summer, lecturing as he moves up the coast, and recently he spoke here about the necessity of planting native trees and plants. Why? What’s wrong with planting ornamental plants from […]

Time to Write Your Town’s Pesticide Ordinance?

If you think you have done enough to educate yourselves and your town about the dangers of chemical pesticides, it is time to take a look at three pesticide ordinances already in existence. Here is Takoma Park, Maryland’s, the first to be passed:!/TakomaPark14/TakomaPark1428.html Ogunquit’s, the second passed (click ordinances at the top of the […]

Time Your Town Was All Organic Too?

Why not have your town be all organic like ours?  Oh, I know some rail about how they won’t have ‘government’ telling them what to do on their property, but what if it’s for the health and safety of your family and your neighbors? Let’s face it. Most towns have ordinances against burning trash, leaves […]